Unique Approach

We help leaders map new strategic pathways for their organisation through workshops and stakeholder engagement focusing on:

  • Clarifying Purpose and Vision
  • Identifying Priorities, Goals, Actions
  • Development of Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Reviewing or refreshing Strategic Plans
  • Functional design or redesign of Organisational Structures and Role Definitions to deliver on purpose, vision and strategy.

Our unique approach has worked wonders for clients including:

Unleash Creativity

We understand that future focused thinking occurs most effectively when our minds are able to get “out of task mode” and switch into an alpha brain state. Optimal strategic thinking occurs when we are free to zoom-out, allow our minds to wander and get creative.

In this state, we discover patterns, join dots, make connections we may not have otherwise. Drawing on cutting-edge brain and performance science, our strategic leadership workshops create the conditions for unleashing creativity.

We also help leaders understand the vital role they play in bringing purpose and vision to life and modelling values in action. We support leaders to elevate their strategic presence and harness the brilliance of storytelling as the most memorable and powerful way of bringing strategy to life.  

Achieve Alignment

Strategic plans ground intentions and create compass bearings for monitoring progress and direction. But too often they end up on the shelf. We help leaders to understand that plans don’t bring strategies to life – people do.

We help leaders to understand that the future is created now, from everywhere and involving everyone in an organisational eco-system. We facilitate engagement processes involving people at all levels in organisations to inform strategy development and ensure alignment.

Outcomes include helping leaders to:

  • Generate clarity of purpose that sustains motivation
  • Inspire collective custodianship of future vision and
  • Model behaviour that’s aligned with espoused values.

"I can highly recommend LeadersHP to facilitate strategic planning processes for your organisation. They demonstrated their highly developed skills in leading our Board and senior staff through a complex process and we are very satisfied with the outcome. It was a very inclusive and respectful process where we have complete ownership of the outcome."

Board Director, Regional Local Health Network

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