Helping leaders find new ways

We co-design and deliver programs that build capability and equip C-Suite, Senior and Middle Managers and Emerging Leaders with the mindset shifts, practical tools and frameworks to:

  1. Navigate complexity,
  2. Effectively lead change, and
  3. Lead with courage and authenticity.

We focus on action learning and practical application of insights, tools and models. Our in-demand program for emerging leaders has been delivered to over 400 SA Health employees since 2016 with learning outcomes including increased self-awareness, greater understanding about others and strategies for effectively leading teams.

Exploring the ‘i’ in leadership

As entry points for exploring self, other and difference, we use several diagnostic tools and assessments including: 

  • The Leadership Circle Profile 360 and Collective Leadership Assessment
  • Resilience @ Work
  • Shifting Horizons Assessment
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator 
  • Social Styles
  • Values in Action Survey

While no single assessment reveals the unique complexity of any human being, participant outcomes include: 

  1. Rethinking leadership as a collective responsibility 
  2. Understanding that organisational change occurs through the transformation of consciousness of leaders.
  3. Developing greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence, including the courage to be open and vulnerable with a commitment to ongoing growth.

More We 

We’re passionate about increasing the effectiveness of collective leadership and supporting sustainable performance. Working predominantly with Executive and Senior Leadership Teams, we deliver comprehensive leadership and team development programs spanning 6-12 months, incorporating individual and collective coaching programs with tailored team development workshops focusing on:

  • cultivating high-levels of trust and psychological safety,
  • leveraging individual and collective strengths, 
  • building effective feedback culture. 

In our work with teams in crisis, we help team members to work through sticking points, reconnect and clarify new ways of working together so they can get on with achieving their purpose.

"A heartfelt thank you for leading our team building. I have received a number of very positive comments, especially about how well-crafted the program was. We're grateful for the insights and feedback you shared with us."

Senior Leader, SA Power Networks

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