Discover True North

We help organisations to discover values that inspire and resonate using engagement tools and approaches including:

  • Barrett Values Assessment
  • Targeted interviews and focus groups 
  • Staff workshops and online surveys 

In facilitating culture reviews we help leaders identify what’s working and what’s not with the aim of achieving:

  • Clarity about cultural vision and meaningful and memorable values
  • Understanding about the role of leaders in shaping culture
  • Enhanced conditions for everyone to do their best work.

Define Your Values 

Whether you’re starting from scratch, reviewing or refreshing organisational values, we facilitate engagement with staff, stakeholders and community, to define current and future values and behaviours.

We’re extensively experienced in facilitating and supporting:

  • Collective sense-making about values and behaviours 
  • Documentation of actionable values statements and
  • Development of inspiring Team Charters.

Embed Values-Based Culture

We work closely with leaders to help them align values and culture to organisational strategy by providing specialist advice on: 

  • Systems for embedding values in Performance Review and Development, recognition programs and onboarding processes
  • Measuring and pulse-checking culture with staff at all levels
  • Leadership commitments and development programs that build capabilities aligned to values. 

“LeadersHP facilitators are FANTASTIC, so understanding, patient, engaging and highly skilled at creating a safe and effective learning environment - everyone felt at ease and supported."

UniSA Workshop Participant

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