Inside-Out Change

Our Executive and Senior leader coaching programs typically include 6 x 90 minute sessions and often incorporate the use of evidence-based assessments and diagnostics tools including:

  • The Leadership Circle (TLC) Profile (360) Assessment
  • Shifting Horizons Assessment
  • Myers Briggs type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Barrett Values Assessment
  • Resilience at Work (R@W) individual and team assessments
  • Values in Action survey

Through the identification of creative strengths, and growth areas,  coachees receive a personalised development plan designed to leverage their leadership effectiveness

Real Impact  

Sustainable mindset and behavioural shifts require a safe space for reflection and testing old assumptions, identifying and trying out new ways of thinking and doing, and accountability for translating insights and intentions into action.

Our coaching programs generate real impact with a focus on creating optimal conditions for:

1. Exploration

2. Experimentation and

3. Embedding new ways of leading

We introduce clients to a range of evidence-based models and frameworks to support their growth and development with the objective of increasing leadership effectiveness. 

Collective Leadership 

With a focus on leveraging collective leadership effectiveness, and the aim of improving overall organisational performance, we’ve delivered large-scale coaching programs for senior leaders and teams from sectors including:

  • Public and Private Health 
  • Education
  • Disability Services  
  • ICT Services 
  • Hospitality and Food 
  • National Regulator 

Our Illuminate Mentoring Program includes high-calibre, experienced Executive Mentors, and our in-house, tailored mentoring programs focus on creating communities of practice, ensuring mentoring effectiveness and establishing a positive mentoring culture. 

"This coaching program was incredibly valuable I really appreciated working through the various tools you introduced me to – so valuable being able to step back and look at my assumptions and projections in a different light, thank you!”

General Manager, Veterans Rehabilitation Service

Need help finding a new way?