About Us

What’s unique about us?

Noticing that our name says “leadership”, without the “i” and wondering if we can spell?

We did it on purpose.

In fact, we founded LeadersHP in 2019 with a strong sense of purpose for helping leaders find a new way by interrupting old patterns of thinking and doing that no longer serve in our current context. 

Successfully navigating the complexity and uncertainty we’re experiencing today requires less “I” and more “we” in leadership. More effective collective leadership.

We’re passionate about facilitating development that leverages this new way of leading, unleashes creativity, clarity and new levels of consciousness, and ultimately, delivers exceptional outcomes which translate in observable shifts in the culture and performance of the organisations in which we work.

We also facilitate strategic planning, stakeholder and community engagement, leadership and culture reviews, individual executive coaching and mentoring services.

We focus on partnering and building trusted relationships with our clients. We invest our time, energy and expertise in organisations and individuals who are committed to growing, making a difference and having a positive impact in the world. 


Teams and organisations that have benefited from our strategy and culture development


Leaders who’ve changed from the inside out as a result of our in-demand coaching and leadership programs.


Courageous conversations helping teams get “unstuck” and find new ways to move forward together

What you get from us

Courage – We aim to show up wholeheartedly and with humanity, prepared to “own our stuff” and being open to grow.

Connection – We’re committed to building trusted relationships with our clients with compassion and curiosity.

Impact – We strive to deliver excellence in everything we do and contribute to lifting the consciousness of leadership.

Matt Cesaro


Matt is a passionate coach and facilitator, working with individuals and groups of leaders to increase their awareness, impact and performance.   He supports leaders to engage their teams in the conversations they need to have, to get aligned on purpose and vision, to identify what’s getting in their way and opportunities to step into new ways of working and being.

His operational and leadership experience developed over 20 years working in public health, leading many change and reform programs in Organisational Development, Health Service Operations, Finance, Information Technology, Business Systems and Project Management.

Matt has a range of qualifications and certifications to support his lived experience, including Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Embodied Practitioner (Integral Theory), The Leadership Circle (TLC), Advanced (Gestalt) Facilitation, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Resilience@Work Toolkit and as a Resilience Skills master trainer with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).

Susannah Dodd


Susannah is passionate about encouraging leaders to dial up empathy, bring more heart and compassion to develop cultures and teams that are high in trust and performance. She loves supporting others to live and lead with authenticity.Susannah’s operational and leadership experience developed over 25 years working within SA Health.

Working centrally and in several Local Health Networks, Susannah has shaped reform within large complex systems and led numerous teams through change. With a background in training, client engagement, information technology and management, she pays close attention to the needs of stakeholders using her keen ability to listen deeply and draw out multiple perspectives. She is highly skilled at bringing simplicity to complexity and communicating with others in a meaningful way.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Information Studies with further studies in Foundations in Transformational Leadership and is a Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA).

Mily Nielsen


Having been the ‘right hand’ to top tier directors and executives across a wide range of industries, Mily has a stellar reputation for problem-solving. By blending a bit of intuition, a bit of logic and a bit of creativity, Mily is passionate about finding innovative, durable solutions that ensure people get the most out of our programs.

With over fifteen years’ experience as an administration professional, Mily has previously worked with world-renown business and leadership experts, truly honing her radar for what makes a good leader great and unlocking in her a passion to change the world – one leader at a time.

Somewhat a Jill-of-all-Trades, Mily loves learning anything new and puzzling out how to best implement it to improve processes and people. She simply adores a good quote, tackles complexity with great enthusiasm and loves to add her own particular brand of finesse to everything she does.

“The jobs of the past were all about muscle, now they’re about brains, but in the future they’ll be about heart."

Director of the London School of Economics, Minouche Shafik

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